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Ecology: What mortals these forests be



今回、Yanlan Liu、Mukesh Kumarたちの研究グループは、植生動態のリモートセンシングデータを用いて森林枯死を予測するための新しい観測的手法を開発した。この手法は、森林の回復力の変化という早期予兆信号を観測することに基づいている。回復力の変化は、森林が、別の種類の生態系(例えば、潅木地)に変化する可能性が生じる転換点に近づくと起こるのだが、一定期間にわたる衛星観測による植生データの解析によって検出でき、撹乱が起こった後の樹木の葉の回復が遅いことを示している可能性がある。Liuたちは、カリフォルニア州の森林でこの観測的手法を検証し、森林枯死の6~19か月前に森林の回復力の変化を検出できることを発見した。この早期予兆信号は、他の森林衰退の兆候(例えば、緑色植物の密度の低下)よりも早く検出された。


A loss of resilience - the rate of recovery from a disturbance - in forests can be detected from satellite vegetation data and may act as an early warning signal to predict the death of the forest, suggests a paper published in Nature Climate Change.

Forest mortality has been observed with increasing frequency worldwide, and the resulting changes in land-cover impact ecosystems and local species. Changing temperature and precipitation patterns, due to climate change, have stressed forests in recent decades. Predicting forest death is important for prevention, but is also challenging, as the underlying mechanisms are not well understood.

Yanlan Liu, Mukesh Kumar and colleagues developed a new, observational approach for predicting forest mortality using remote sensing data of vegetation dynamics. The approach is based on observations of changes in resilience, which happens as a forest approaches a tipping point at which it may change to a different kind of ecosystem, such as shrub land. These changes can be detected from the analysis of satellite vegetation data over time, and may indicate the slow recovery of foliage after a disturbance, which occurs as resilience declines. The authors tested the approach in Californian forests and found that the early warning signal could be detected 6 - 19 months before forest death. This signal was detected prior to other signs of forest decline, such as reduced greenness.

The authors suggest this system may enable more accurate and earlier prediction of forest mortality, giving forest managers more time to prevent it by mitigating threats and restoring forest health.

doi: 10.1038/s41558-019-0583-9

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