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More persistent summer weather extremes with climate change



今回、Peter Pfleidererたちは、北半球の中緯度地域における局地的気象条件の持続性に関するマルチモデル解析の結果を明らかにしている。Pfleidererたちは、全球の気温が産業革命前よりも摂氏2度上昇すると仮定すれば、中緯度地域で2週間超の高温期に見舞われる確率が、少し前と比べて約4%増加する可能性があるという解析結果を示している。そして、北米東部では、暑さと日照りの持続性が最大20%増加する可能性があるとされた。また、Pfleidererたちは、中緯度地域における洪水を引き起こす恐れのある1週間以上の豪雨に見舞われる確率が、全球の気温が産業革命前よりも摂氏2度上昇するシナリオで、平均26%増加する可能性があるという結果を示している。ただし、温暖化による気温上昇を摂氏1.5度とした場合には、上述した増加のほとんどが回避された。

Summer weather extremes, such as heatwaves, drought and rainy periods, may increase in duration in the Northern Hemisphere mid-latitudes if global temperatures rise by 2 °C above pre-industrial levels, reports a paper published in Nature Climate Change.

With global warming, the frequency of extreme heat and rainfall events worldwide has increased and this trend is expected to continue with future warming. Rises in extreme heat and rainfall can have impacts on human health and agriculture, and on the environment, including an increased risk of wildfires. Extreme weather events are often measured in terms of intensity or frequency, but often it is the duration, or persistence, of events that leads to the most severe impacts.

Peter Pfleiderer and colleagues present a multi-model analysis of the persistence of local weather conditions in the Northern Hemisphere mid-latitudes. They suggest that if temperatures were to rise by 2 °C relative to pre-industrial levels, hot weather periods of longer than two weeks could increase by around 4% relative to the recent past across the mid-latitudes. Eastern North America could see persistent hot and dry spells rise by up to 20%. The authors also suggest that heavy rainfall lasting for one week or more, which can lead to flooding, could increase by 26% on average for the mid-latitudes under a 2 °C scenario. When considering projected warming of 1.5 °C, the authors found these increases were largely avoided.

doi: 10.1038/s41558-019-0555-0


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