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Declining glaciers impact local water resources



今回、Matthias HussとRegina Hockは、氷河の作用でできた大規模集水域56カ所(グリーンランドと南極を除く)の全てについて2100年までの月間と年間の氷河流出量の推移を調べた。その結果、研究対象となった集水域の45%(相対的に小規模な氷河によってできた集水域)で、年間流出量が既に最大値(「最高水位」)を過ぎて、徐々に減少していることが判明した。その他の集水域(氷に覆われた表面の占める割合が大きく、相対的に大規模な氷河によってできた集水域)では、今後、最高水位に達すると予測され、総氷河体積の減少率は、低排出シナリオで43±14%、高排出シナリオで74±11%と予測された。氷河の後退に伴う氷河流出量の将来変化には変動があり、最高水位に達するまでの平均増加率は26%(低排出シナリオ)と36%(高排出シナリオ)と予測され、2050年以降も氷河流出量が増加することが予測された集水域は全体の22%だった。


Melting glaciers around the world will result in reduced downstream water resources even in basins with low ice coverage, reports a paper published online this week in Nature Climate Change.

Glacier retreat and associated future runoff changes raise major concerns over the sustainability of global water resources, but global-scale assessments of glacier decline and resulting hydrological consequences are scarce.

Matthias Huss and Regina Hock investigate changes in monthly and annual glacier runoff for all 56 large-scale glaciated basins, excluding Greenland and Antarctica, to 2100. The authors show that 45% of the studied basins, typically those with smaller glaciers, have already passed maximum annual runoff - or ‘peak water’ - after which runoff steadily declines. For the remaining basins with greater ice cover and larger glaciers, peak water will occur later. The authors also find reductions in total glacier volume ranging from 43%±14 for a low emission scenario to 74±11% for a high emission scenario. The change in associated runoff is variable, with an average increase until peak water of 26% (low emission scenario) to 36% (high emission scenario), with runoff predicted to increase past 2050 for 22% of the basins.

The authors consider the monthly variability of runoff as this will impact on water resources for local communities. They show that by end of the century, a third of the basins may have a 10% or higher reduction in runoff in at least one melt-season month, with central Asia and the Andes seeing the greatest declines. These findings highlight that continued decline in glaciers could have substantial impacts on local water resources.

doi: 10.1038/s41558-017-0049-x

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