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Emissions from thawing permafrost add trillions in economic impacts



今回、Chris HopeとKevin Schaeferは、永久凍土からの二酸化炭素とメタンの放出について、さまざまなIPCCシナリオを使って全球的な経済的影響のモデル化を行った。急速な経済成長を前提とし、2100年に大気中のCO2濃度が約700 ppmに達するまで人間活動による温室効果ガスの放出が増加するという予測に基づくA1Bシナリオを用いた場合には、HopeとSchaeferは、2100年以降の人為起源の温室効果ガスの放出がゼロになるという前提条件を設定した。その結果、永久凍土からの二酸化炭素とメタンの累積排出量の合計によって2200年の気候変動の経済的影響が326兆ドル(約3京9120兆円)から369兆ドル(約4京4280兆円)に増え、13%の増加となった。このことは、永久凍土の融解による二酸化炭素とメタンの排出量を減らすことを目指した政策をできるだけ早期に実施することで気候変動の経済的影響を大きく減らせる可能性を示唆している。

Greenhouse gas emissions from thawing permafrost could result in an additional US$43 trillion in economic impacts by the end of the twenty-second century, reports a paper published online in Nature Climate Change. These extra impacts justify the need for urgent action to reduce emissions from thawing permafrost.

Permafrost soils, which contain about 1,700 gigatonnes of carbon in the form of frozen organic matter, have begun to thaw in response to Arctic warming over the past few decades. Carbon dioxide and methane are released into the atmosphere as the permafrost degrades, thereby amplifying the effects of emissions from human activity. The economic impacts of these extra emissions have not yet been investigated.

Chris Hope and Kevin Schaefer now model the range of possible global economic impacts of permafrost emissions under various IPCC scenarios. Under the A1B scenario, which assumes rapid economic growth and projects increased anthropogenic emissions until the atmospheric concentration of CO2 reaches about 700 parts per million in 2100, the authors assume zero anthropogenic emissions after 2100. They find that the total, cumulative permafrost emissions raise the economic impacts of climate change by 2200 from US$326 trillion to US$369 trillion, an increase of 13%. This suggests that policies aimed at reducing emissions from thawing permafrost as soon as possible could substantially reduce the economic impacts of climate change.

doi: 10.1038/nclimate2807

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