Review Abstract


The renaissance of hydrides as energy materials

2016年12月13日 Nature Reviews Materials 2 : 16091 doi: 10.1038/natrevmats.2016.91



Rana Mohtadi & Shin-ichi Orimo

Corresponding Author

折茂 慎一
東北大学 原子分子材料科学高等研究機関

Materials based on hydrides have been the linchpin in the development of several practical energy storage technologies, of which the most prominent example is nickel–metal hydride batteries. Motivated by the need to meet the future's energy demand, the past decade has witnessed substantial advancements in the research and development of hydrides as media for hydrogen energy storage. More recently, new and rapidly evolving discoveries have positioned hydrides as highly promising materials for future electrochemical energy storage, such as electrolytes for mono- and divalent batteries, and anodes for lithium-ion batteries. In addition, the potential of hydrides in efficient power transmission has been recently revealed. In this Review, we highlight key advances and illustrate how the versatility of hydrides has not only yielded a meaningful past, but also ensures a very bright future.