Review Abstract

金属ガラスの熱機械的処理: ガラス状態領域を拡張する

Thermomechanical processing of metallic glasses: extending the range of the glassy state

2016年6月7日 Nature Reviews Materials 1 : 16039 doi: 10.1038/natrevmats.2016.39

金属ガラスの熱機械的処理: ガラス状態領域を拡張する


Yonghao Sun, Amadeu Concustell & A. Lindsay Greer

Corresponding Author

A. Lindsay Greer
東北大学 原子分子材料科学高等研究機構

For crystalline metals, the science, technology and application of thermomechanical processing are established, but this is not true for glasses. Metallic glasses — because they can be plastically deformed — offer a unique opportunity to study the effects of thermomechanical treatments on the structure and properties of glasses. Depending on the rate of cooling, various glassy states can form from a liquid. Slower cooling gives states of lower enthalpy and smaller volume; such states might also be reached by annealing, which induces structural ‘relaxation’. A reduction in the degree of relaxation, or ‘rejuvenation’, is achievable through processes such as irradiation and mechanical deformation. In this Review, we explore the extent of relaxation and rejuvenation induced by thermomechanical processing (that is, elastic and plastic deformation, including cold and hot working, and cyclic loading). The issues that remain to be investigated and the prospects for further progress are discussed.