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Medical research impacted by author gender



Mathias Nielsenの研究グループは、論文の著者に女性が含まれることと、当該研究が性およびジェンダーに特異的な解析を含むこととの間に強い正の相関を見いだした。研究グループは、多様な疾患、研究実施国、医学研究領域をカバーする150万の医学研究論文を対象に、ジェンダーおよび性に特異的な解析を含む研究、あるいは含まない研究に関して、著者リストにおけるジェンダーの多様性、ならびにリストの先頭および最後に位置する著者の性別について比較を行った。その結果、自然科学、社会科学、人文科学の各分野において、研究および職業のそれぞれに関して研究領域および医学上の専門分野の選択過程にジェンダー差があることを示した過去の研究をもとに、論文の著者に女性が含まれることと、論文にジェンダーおよび性に関連した解析が含まれることとの間に強い関連があることが分かった。


Medical studies that include women investigators, especially in leading positions, are much more likely to address potential gender and sex differences in disease risk, prevention and treatment, reports a paper published online this week in Nature Human Behaviour. The findings highlight the importance of devoting more attention to the link between diversity and research outcomes.

Biological sex and gender differences play an important role in disease risk, prevention and treatment. However, gender and sex differences remain unaddressed in many areas of medical research. Understanding potential cultural determinants of these disparities is paramount.

Mathias Nielsen and colleagues demonstrate a robust, positive correlation between women’s authorship and a study’s likelihood of including gender- and sex-specific analysis. Using a sample of 1.5 million medical research papers, covering a diverse set of disease topics, countries and medical research areas, the authors compared the gender diversity of author groups and the share of first and last authorship for studies that did and did not involve gender- and sex-specific analysis. They found a strong link between women’s authorship and the inclusion of gender- and sex-related analysis, building on previous work documenting gender differences in the selection of the scientific fields and medical specialties to study and work in, respectively, across the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.

The findings illustrate how promoting gender diversity can improve medical knowledge and health outcomes.

doi: 10.1038/s41562-017-0235-x


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