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Nature Human Behaviour

Climate change may alter human physical activity patterns


Nick ObradovichとJames Fowlerは、2002~2012年における190万人以上の米国人を対象とした余暇時間の身体活動への参加に関するデータを、毎日の気象データと組み合わせることで、降雨に加えて、低い気温および極めて高い気温が身体活動を減らすことを示した。また、過去の推定値を気候モデルの出力と組み合わせることで、2050~2099年の将来の気候変動が身体活動に及ぼしうる影響を予想した。その結果、温暖化が、米国全域において全般的な運動参加率を高める可能性があることが判明した。運動参加率の上昇は主に1年のうち寒冷な数カ月において(特に北部の州において)みられる可能性がある一方で、夏期の数カ月間には(特に南部の州において)低くなる可能性があることが示唆された。


Although most of climate change's social impacts are likely to be negative, a paper published online this week in Nature Human Behaviour reports a possible beneficial impact of climate change for the United States. The study suggests that warming over the course of this century may increase net recreational physical activity, in turn magnifying many of the physiological and psychological benefits of exercise.

Nick Obradovich and James Fowler use data on reported participation in recreational physical activity from over 1.9 million Americans between 2002 and 2012, coupled with daily weather data, to show that cold or very hot temperatures, as well as rain, reduce physical activity. They then combine their historical estimates with output from climate models and project the possible impacts on physical activity of future climatic changes by 2050 and 2099. They find that warming is likely to increase overall exercise rates across the United States. They suggest that these increases will occur primarily during the cooler months of the year, particularly in northern states, whereas it is likely to decline during summer months, especially in southern states.

However, the effects of warming on physical activity are unlikely to be uniformly beneficial worldwide, note the authors. Countries with warmer average climates and lower prevalence of air conditioning may see net reductions in physical activity due to climate change.

doi: 10.1038/s41562-017-0097

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