The dust menace

Besides dust, storms can transport microbial communities and antibiotic resistance genes. So how dangerous are they really?


The Egyptian slicer 

A full picture of a new species of an ancient animal that was near the top of the African food chain is revealed. Nature Middle East talks to the paleontologist behind the research.


Without Water

Nature Middle East sits with KAUST alumni and environmental scientist Luisa Javier to chat about her water-saving company whose idea was born in Saudi Arabia but saw the light in her hometown in Mexico.


Gene expression and destiny 

The dialogue between your genome and the environment, which epigeneticists study, affects which genes are switched on and off, and influences many aspects of your health and life. But is gene expression heritable?


Exporting pollution

In this new episode, how international trade transports not just goods, but pollution, and sometimes even death. As well, Nature Middle East chats with British director and animator Samantha Moore about science communication through art and film, and with scientist Erik Seiffert about the unveiling of a 37 million year old catfish in Egypt’s Whale Valley protectorate.