Pumping drugs

Nature Middle East talks to the scientists behind a new 'hybrid' drug system that can, one day, control epilepsy, among other brain disorders.


The oldest humans on Earth

A discovery, a hundred kilometres west of Marakkech, holds secrets of how our oldest ancestors lived.


Vessels into the afterlife

Nature Middle East talks to the Egyptian restorers who’re in charge of unravelling the mystery of Khufu's second solar ship, one cedar timber at a time.


Ancient Secrets

Nature Middle East takes a look at the many secrets of ancient Egypt that archaeology has unlocked recently, from insights into pharaonic funerary and mummification rituals in Luxor to 'shamanic' rock art in Aswan.


Underwater cancer therapy

Inspired by the chemical dynamic resulting from volcanic eruptions in deep oceans, scientists get creative clustering nano particles - with great potential for cancer therapy.