Wind, sand and smoke

How war was mistakenly blamed for a devastating sand storm. Plus, vaping and how toxins hide within the rich variety of e-cigarette flavors. 


Bird's eye view

What satellite archaeology is revealing about Syria's heritage sites, plus an in-depth interview with Her Royal Highness Princess Sumaya bint al Hassan of Jordan, the president of the Royal Scientific Society.


Into the depths of science

Nature Middle East discusses with a scientist-turned-filmmaker the points of confluence between arts and science, and chats with a group of researchers about a novel non-invasive way to track and study whale sharks in the Arabian Gulf.


Hidden in plain sight

Nanotechnology in the Middle East is either inching forwards or making big strides, depending on which country you’re looking at. This month, we chat with some of the top scientists in the region about the promising field, its growing potential and some of the roadblocks.


Journeying into the past

In this episode, we highlight research that probes into Qataris' genes to advance precision medicine in Qatar. We reexamine the old myth of "safe" waterpipe smoking, and speak to the founders of Egypt’s upcoming archaeological science conference.