Special edition: Imagine Science

During Imagine Science Film festival in Abu Dhabi, a showcase of films at the intersection of art and science, Nature Middle East sits down with New-York-based scientist, artist, and filmmaker Eliza McNitt to talk about her latest creation 'A Fistful of Stars', a multidimensional view into space in virtual reality using simulations of iconic imagery from the Hubble Space Telescope.


The starry night

The story of seven potentially habitable planets orbiting a red dwarf star nearby. Plus, a look inside the DNA of a super food.


Wind, sand and smoke

How war was mistakenly blamed for a devastating sand storm. Plus, vaping and how toxins hide within the rich variety of e-cigarette flavors. 


Bird's eye view

What satellite archaeology is revealing about Syria's heritage sites, plus an in-depth interview with Her Royal Highness Princess Sumaya bint al Hassan of Jordan, the president of the Royal Scientific Society.


Into the depths of science

Nature Middle East discusses with a scientist-turned-filmmaker the points of confluence between arts and science, and chats with a group of researchers about a novel non-invasive way to track and study whale sharks in the Arabian Gulf.