9 Sep 2019
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Using tarantulas to settle nerves
The University of Queensland (UQ)

What PAMELA can tell us about positrons
National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute)

Thailand's basic science grows despite limited resources

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Nature Cover hot-topic_icon   Stress management
5 Sep 2019

A little stress usually makes the organism stronger, a concept known as hormesis. However, activation of the acute fight-or-flight response ...

Research Journal Highlights
Palaeontology: New hadrosaur from Japan sheds light on dinosaur diversity
Scientific Reports
6 Sep 2019
Palaeontology: Last march of an early worm
5 Sep 2019
Education: Females show more sustained test-taking performance than males
Nature Communications
4 Sep 2019
Genetics: Inbreeding and associated health outcomes
Nature Communications
4 Sep 2019
Agriculture: Climate change may take a bite out of global banana yields
Nature Climate Change
3 Sep 2019
Animal behaviour: Blinded by white plumage
Nature Ecology & Evolution
3 Sep 2019
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