Celebrating Nature India’s 10th Anniversary

The premier site chronicling science in India from inside the many labs to the rocket launch sites as well as from bustling university campuses to remote villages and islands. The pioneering journey has been fascinating and meaningful while setting the foundation for the next decade. A decade in which India can fulfill its promise of becoming a science superpower.

Nature India will celebrate this important milestone with a series of events in April 2018 aimed at facilitating a dialogue around the future of India’s science as well as two special editions, a Nature India Annual Compendium and a Nature India Special Issue.

Special Events

Date: April 16 – 17, 2018

Host Partner:

Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Supported By:

Nature India Conclave

EEvent will launch the special edition of Nature India Annual Compendium, a Nature India Special Issue on Grand Challenges, as well as include:

  • A Special Keynote address by Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India
  • Panel Discussion on India’s Science Policy: Ready for 2020?
Moderator: Subhra Priyadarshini
Panelists: Stephen Pincock
Editorial Director, Partnership and Custom Media, Nature Research
Shahid Jameel
CEO, Wellcome Trust-DBT India Alliance
Preetha Rajaraman
Health Attache & Regional Representative, South Asia, US Embassy New Delhi
K S Jayaraman
Contributor, Nature and India’s first science journalist
Rajeshwari Raina
Professor, Dept of International Relations and Governance Studies, Shiv Nadar University
M Jagadesh Kumar
Vice-Chancellor, JNU


Science Communication and Careers Workshop

Session 1: Scientific Writing

  • Ethics in Research: Dr. Shahid Jameel, CEO, WT-DBT India Alliance
  • Writing a Scientific Manuscript: Dr. Sarah Iqbal, Public Engagement Officer, WT-DBT India Alliance
  • Preparing a grant proposal: Dr. Shahid Jameel

Session 2: Science Communication

  • Effective Communication of Science: Stephen Pincock, Editorial Director, Partnerships and Custom Media, Nature Research
  • Science Journalism as a Career: Subhra Priyadarshini, Chief Editor, Nature India

Session 3: Careers in Science

  • How to optimise your career search: Nils Moeller, Global Career Services, Nature Research

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*All-day event: Nature India Photo Exhibition

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