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A giant dinosaur reborn

For almost 50 years, the strange theropod dinosaur Deinocheirus mirificus has been regarded as one of the most intriguing puzzles in palaeontology. Known only from two gigantic forelimbs unearthed in Mongolia in 1965, it had been variously described as an ornithomimid, a therizinosaur or a member of a completely new theropod clade. New excavations have now revealed two almost entire skeletons of the creature, enabling Yuong-Nam Lee et al. to offer a detailed picture of D. mirificus. What emerges is a gigantic creature with a duckbill-like skull and a humped back, the largest known member of the ornithomimosaurs, living in a damp environment, with plants and fish as part of the diet of D. mirificus.

Nature Volume 515 Issue 7526

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