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Efficient teleportation on demand

Quantum teleportation is one of the most important elementary protocols in quantum information processing. Previous studies have achieved quantum teleportation, but usually randomly and at low rates. Two groups reporting in this issue of Nature have used contrasting methods to achieve the same aim —more efficient quantum teleportation. Takeda et al. describe the experimental realization of fully deterministic, unconditional quantum teleportation of photonic qubits — an optimum choice for information carrying — with overall transfer fidelities exceeding the classical limit of teleportation. The technique may facilitate the development of large-scale optical quantum networks. Steffen et al. report quantum teleportation in a solid-state system, achieving deterministic quantum teleportation in a chip-based superconducting circuit architecture. They teleport quantum states between two macroscopic systems separated by 6 mm at a rate of 10,000 per second, exceeding other reported implementations. Transmission loss in superconducting waveguides is low, so this system should be scalable to significantly larger distances, a step towards quantum communication at microwave frequencies.

Nature Volume 500 Issue 7462

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