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A wearable plastic sweat biosensor

Human sweat is attracting attention as a carrier of biomarkers of potential diagnostic importance, as well as in drug abuse detection and athletic performance optimization. In particular, sweat is much more tractable than other body fluids for continuous bio-monitoring. This paper presents a fully integrated flexible sensor platform for sweat analysis, based on existing technologies. Ali Javey and colleagues successfully connect plastic-based skin sensors to conventional silicon integrated circuitry to achieve multiple simultaneous measurement of sweat metabolites (glucose and lactate) and electrolytes (sodium and potassium). Skin temperature was measured to provide in situ calibration of the sensors. A small cohort human subject validation was performed to demonstrate the practical value of the platform — and a specially designed Android app created — for real-time assessment of physiological status, either as a wristband or forehead patch.

Nature Volume 529 Issue 7587

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