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Genetic risk variant for urinary bladder cancer

Nature Genetics

March 29, 2010

Another genetic variant associated with risk of urinary bladder cancer is reported in a study published in Nature Genetics.

Urinary bladder cancer (UBC) is the ninth most common cancer and affects approximately 350,000 people worldwide. Cigarette smoking and occupationally-related exposure to specific carcinogens are known risk factors for UBC, although genetic risk factors are also thought to be involved in UBC susceptibility.

Lambertus Kiemeney, Kari Stefansson, and colleagues analyzed 4,739 European individuals with UBC and found that a variant near the gene FGFR3 is associated with risk of UBC. Somatic, or acquired, mutations in FGFR3 are commonly found in low-grade bladder tumours.

doi: 10.1038/ng.558

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