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Sequencing of the platyfish genome

Nature Genetics

April 1, 2013

The sequence and analysis of the platyfish genome is published this week in Nature Genetics. The work represents the first genome sequence of a poeciliid fish and provides insights into evolutionary adaptation in this freshwater fish as well as a potential model for cancer research.

Wesley Warren and colleagues report sequencing of the genome of the platyfish. The author s use this as a model to examine the evolution of a number of traits, including a live bearing reproductive mode, pigmentation patterns, cancer and behavioral traits. They identify a gene implicated in both pigmentation patterning and melanoma development in the platyfish. They also find evidence for selection of genes associated with viviparity - the development of the embryo inside the body of the mother, eventually leading to a live birth. In addition, they identify selective retention of duplicate genes implicated in cognition during the evolution of teleost fish, suggesting a model for the evolution of behavioral complexity in fish.

doi: 10.1038/ng.2604

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