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Your Vision ~ Foreseeing the impact of your research on society ~


Japan is a nation with a long tradition of scientific discovery. Building on this tradition, Japan has the opportunity to reinvigorate its basic research and tap into the true potential of its early career researchers. Now is time for Japanese science and technology to look into the future and focus on building a sustainable and equitable society. By prioritizing the future of humanity and the planet, Japan has the opportunity to become a leading model in the global community and play a key part in advancing Sustainable Development Goals.

Ultimately, delivering SDGs will require academia, business and policymakers to work together to address the world’s most pressing problems. Nature and its publisher, Springer Nature, play an important role in advancing discovery and the dissemination of evidence-based sustainability research. 2019 marks Nature’s 150th anniversary. As part of our celebrations, we will be holding a symposium on April 4, 2019 at The University of Tokyo (further details about the event will be available around the beginning of March). As part of the event, we will be holding a poster session to feature the fresh ideas of early career researchers. We invite your proposals on your research hypotheses and vision on how your current work might impact the society in the future. We look forward to receiving your proposals.


Your vision ~ Foreseeing the impact of your research on society ~

Date and time

Thursday, April 4, 2019 at 1:00pm


Corridor of Yasuda Auditorium, The University of Tokyo, Japan


Early career researchers (across all disciplines, no age restriction)

Poster contents

Present hypotheses on how your current work might contribute to a better and sustainable future for humanity and the world. Proposals will be assessed based on originality of ideas, clarity of expression (i.e. how well argued), realism, and potential impact.

Particular credit will go to the proposals that are connected to one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and/or with a strong interdisciplinary component.

For more information regarding the SDGs, please refer to the following link: Sustainable Development Goals


Please include the following details in your poster proposal and submit it through Google Form:

  • Your Vision: a brief statement (1 sentence) or title of the goals of the proposal
  • Summary: 100 words describing your current research; 200-300 words in which you describe your ‘vision’ for your future research, and an outline on how this might be achieved.
  • Plan of action: a brief, bullet-pointed roadmap for achieving this vision. Please include: what obstacles that need to be overcome, how the key elements might be tested, what is the realistic timescale for delivery.
  • Societal impact and interdisciplinarity: which SDGs does your vision address? Which disciplines are involved?
  • Author information: Brief resume/CV

Application is limited to 1 per individual or team. If you are in a team, please make sure to list all names and to mark the main author.

Proposal deadline

By March 4, 2019 at 12:00pm

Submission of posters

March 15, 2019: Successful candidates after the first screening of the poster proposals will receive an e-mail from Springer Nature.
By April 2, 2019 at 12:00pm: Please send the PDF data for your poster (created based on your submitted proposal) to Springer Nature(

Selection process

The Nature editorial team will conduct the initial screening.

The final selection of the award winners will be conducted by the Nature editorial team and also by faculty members of The University of Tokyo.

Poster presenters

The poster size should be in A1 size. Please bring your printed poster at noon on the day of the event. There will be a 30-minute poster session after the keynote lectures. Following the poster award ceremony, the award winners are each invited to come up to the stage to do a 7-minute presentation about their proposed research vision that they showed in their posters. (If you wish to use slides for this presentation please bring them on a USB memory stick)


Nature Award (1 person) – selected by the Nature editorial team
SDGs Award (1 person) – selected by The University of Tokyo faculty members

*Each award winner will receive a certificate and a trophy (TBC).
*Interview article of award winners in Nature Digest (in Japanese, 1/2 pagex2 awardees=1 page)


Please arrange your own travel expenses to the venue.

We closed submissions.

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