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Catalysts use the force

機械的な力で活性化される触媒が、Nature Chemistry(電子版)で報告されている。このようなやり方で触媒を活性化できることは、熱や光ではなく機械的応力に応答する新しい自己修復材料につながるかもしれない。

R Sijbesmaらは、それぞれが長い高分子鎖を含む2つの配位子の間に金属(銀またはルテニウム)イオン1個が挟まれた化合物を合成した。これらの化合物を溶液中に溶解させて超音波をかけると、気泡がつぶれることにより高分子鎖が伸びる。この動きにより発生した機械的な力によって、それぞれの分子が2つの別個のフラグメントに分裂する。つまり、弱い金属-配位子結合の一方が切断されることにより、金属イオンと結合したままのフラグメントと、金属イオンが存在しないフラグメントに分かれる。


関連のNews & Viewsの記事では、J RathoreとA Nelsonが、今回のSijbesmaらの研究は「新しい触媒活性化法を提示するものであり、オンデマンドで触媒活性を示す他の新触媒の創出を促す可能性がある」と述べている。

Catalysts that can be activated using mechanical force are reported in a study online in Nature Chemistry this week. The ability to initiate catalytic activity in this fashion could lead to new self-healing materials that respond to ultrasound rather than heat or light.

Rint Sijbesma and co-workers made compounds in which either a silver or a ruthenium metal ion is sandwiched between two ligands that each contain a long polymer chain. When these compounds are dissolved in solution and exposed to ultrasound, collapsing bubbles cause the polymer chains to stretch. The mechanical force generated by this movement splits each molecule into two separate fragments one that remains bound to the metal ion and one that is not by breaking one of the weak metal ligand bonds.

Importantly, neither of the parent compounds is catalytically active until it has been torn into two by ultrasound. In the case of the silver compounds, the metal-free fragment can catalyse transesterification reactions, a type of reaction used to synthesize biofuels. For the ruthenium-based compounds, it is the metal-containing ligand that is catalytically active, and this can mediate olefin metathesis reactions to make both small molecules and polymers, which are used in making various products such add-ins to enhance fuels.

In an accompanying News & Views article, Jitendra Rathore and Alshakim Nelson say that the work by Sijbesma and co-workers "offers a new method for catalyst activation and is likely to stimulate the creation of other new catalysts that provide catalytic activity on demand."

doi: 10.1038/nchem.167


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