Nature Publishing Index China

Current Index date range: 2013-04-22 ~ 2014-04-21

This is the rolling version of Nature Publishing Index China, updated weekly. It shows both Research Articles (Articles, Letters & Brief Communications) and Reviews, published in Nature and/or Nature research journals. The rankings are based on the number1 of papers that were published during the last 12 months.

The Nature Publishing Index 2012 China print supplement was published in May 2013 and covers the calendar year 2012. It is available by download only.

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Institution CC2 Articles3
  1. These rankings are updated weekly and are based upon papers published in Research Articles and Letters in Nature and Nature monthly research journals (excluding journals from scientific societies).
  2. Represents the corrected count by calculating a corrected point total for each paper from a given country or institution as a decimal fraction of one (up to a maximum of 1), by taking into account the percentage of authors of the paper from that country or institution. All authors are assumed to contribute equally to corrected count, and an author with multiple affiliations is assumed to be divided equally among those affiliations. When an author gives a "present address", "permanent address" or "current address" that affiliation is assumed to not be involved in that author's contribution to the paper and is not included in the corrected count.
  3. Represents the total number of articles that list authors from a given country or institution, regardless of the percentage of authors of the paper from that country or institution.
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