Celebrating Nature India’s 10th Anniversary

The premier site chronicling science in India from inside the many labs to the rocket launch sites as well as from bustling university campuses to remote villages and islands. The pioneering journey has been fascinating and meaningful while setting the foundation for the next decade. A decade in which India can fulfill its promise of becoming a science superpower.

Nature India will celebrate this important milestone with a series of events in April 2018 aimed at facilitating a dialogue around the future of India’s science as well as two special editions, a Nature India Annual Compendium and a Nature India Special Issue.

Special Events

Date: 16 April 2018
Host Partner: Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Nature India Conclave

Event will launch the special edition of Nature India Annual Compendium as well as include:

  • Special Guests for Keynote
  • Panel Discussion on India’s Science Policy: Ready for 2020?


Nature India Science Communication

Event will launch the Nature India Special Issue as well as include:

  • Visualising Science Workshop
  • Nature India Photo Exhibition


Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities

The Nature India Annual Volume is a compendium of science coverage in India from over the year. Book your advertisement slot in the 5th edition of the annual volume.

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