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Nature journals

  • Nature: the weekly, international, interdisciplinary journal of science.
  • Nature Astronomy: truly multidisciplinary journal for the field, representing — and fostering closer interaction between — all of the key astronomy-relevant disciplines, by publishing the most significant research, review and comment at the cutting edge of astronomy, astrophysics and planetary science.
  • Nature Climate Change: a monthly multi-disciplinary journal aimed at bringing together top-quality research across the entire spectrum of the Earth Sciences along with relevant work in related areas.
  • Nature Communications: an online-only, multidisciplinary journal dedicated to publishing high-quality research in all areas of the biological, physical and chemical sciences.
  • Nature Ecology & Evolution: interested in the best research from across the fields of ecology and evolutionary biology, with our broad scope ensuring that work published reaches the widest possible audience of scientists.
  • Nature Energy: publishing monthly, dedicated to exploring all aspects of this on-going discussion, from the generation and storage of energy, to its distribution and management, the needs and demands of the different actors, and the impacts that energy technologies and policies have on societies.
  • Nature Geoscience: a monthly journal dedicated to publishing the most significant and cutting-edge research on the impacts of global climate change and its implications for the economy, policy and the world at large.
  • Nature Plants: publishing monthly, concerned with all aspects of plants be it their evolution, development or metabolism, their interactions with the environment, or their societal significance.
  • Nature Sustainability: an online-only journal that will cover studies of sustainability issues, their policy dimensions and possible solutions.
  • Scientific Data: a peer-reviewed, open-access journal for descriptions of research datasets. Scientific Data welcomes submissions from a broad range of research disciplines, including descriptions of big or small datasets, from major consortiums to single research groups.
  • Scientific Reports: online and open access, Scientific Reports is a brand new primary research publication from the publishers of Nature, covering all areas of the natural sciences — biology, chemistry, physics and earth sciences.
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